The One Good Bite in the Saw-Grass Plant
A Poet in the Everglades
Drawings by Frank Duval

46 pp.
$15.00 paper


I love skimmers, though this is not about them.
I love their long heavy split-level bill.
I even love the term "lower mandible,"
which sounds like a country on the far side
of Tibet, where the last snow leopard is trying
not to be seen, which also is not what this is about.
The bill is so heavy that when they rest, they turn
their heads and lay it across their backs, or,
just drop the front end of it in the sand at their feet.
This is not about that, as I said, but to see them
slice the body of the ocean open in one stroke,
an operation from which the ocean always recovers,
is almost enough to keep me from having to mention
this, which is finally what this is about.  The world
coming apart.